BiO4U is proud to announce the registration and upcoming launch of its food supplement INOMAN® supporting male fertility. In the past decades sub-fertility is an increasingly important issue. And men contribute more than proportional to the situation. An analysis of more than 100 published studies shows a significant decline of sperm quality over the past 60 years, primarily in the United States and in Europe/Australia (between 1-3%/year). Male sub-fertility has many causes including environmental exposure, genetics, stress, changes in lifestyle, but also dietary habits. All these factors contribute to a reduced production and quality of sperm. INOMAN® is the first food supplement containing myo-Inositol, an insulin sensitiser on the intracellular level, that helps improve both sperm quality and quantity - thus in the treatment of male infertility. Its ingredients efficacy has been demonstrated in clinical trials. INOMAN® will become available in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland in March 2017. Offering men and healthcare providers a safe and easy accessible choice will make a difference to thousands of couples trying to become a baby. Launch for Norway and other markets will follow...

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