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INOFOLIC® contains two well documented ingredients: myo - Inositol and folic acid. Folic acid is a B vitamin found in the diet, but Health and Food Administration Authorities recommend taking a supplement to get enough folic acid during pregnancy, to prevent certain types of malformations of the heart and spinal cord.



Based on these authorities recommendation any women 
planning to become pregnant should take immediately a daily supplement of folate or folic acid (practically the same) of 400 micrograms.



A good rule of thumb may be to begin with folic acid one months before you stop using birth control. You should continue to take folic acid at least until you concluded your 3rd month of pregnancy. During this period form the neural tube in the child, and studies have shown that women who take folic acid during this period, reduce the risk of having a baby with neural tube defects significantly.



Neural tube defects can cause various types of malformations. The degree of anomalies can vary widely; from bone defects of the spine, which are usually meaningless, of spina bifida, which can cause serious disability, the lack of development of the brain. The malformation occurs when the neural tube does not close on 22 and 29th day after fertilization. Neural tube develops later to the brain and spinal cord. The degree of malformation may vary widely.



With intake of INOFOLIC® is your and your baby's need of folic acid covered.


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