The desire for a family

Sub-fertility is a growing problem in our societies due to our hectic life style and increasing age of first pregnancies. About half of the reasons for infertility lie with the male side, most often associated with reduced sperm quality and/or quantity.

Get help for yourself with the clinically proven effect of INOMAN® unique ingredients, which can help to improve sperm mobility, morphology and count. 

Our home delivery price for the recommended 3 month course of INOMAN®: 159,-- EUR 

You can do a lot

Doctors often recommend life style changes as a starting point, In addition to a balanced diet twice daily intake of INOMAN® capsules (a registered food supplement) can make the difference over a 3 months course.

To get INOMAN® is easy, with our direct to your home service

INOMAN® works

The ingredients of INOMAN® have been given a positive recommendation from the world famous Cochrane review, which examines published clinical data.

On our website you will find plenty of clinical evidence of efficacy and scientific supportive data on INOMAN®. We want to make sure you are fully informed about the product before you consider getting a course of treatment INOMAN®INOFOLIC® is a partner product to INOMAN®, especially designed with women in mind. It can help her to conceive and also contains folic acid to ensure protection against neural tube defects.

Support your partner and yourself with INOMAN® and INOFOLIC® now

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